Monday, June 30, 2008

Quilt Cake

My mom is the reason for my creative urges, growing up, crafts and art were incorporated into many of our afternoons. So it only makes sense that making things is part of my life.
My mom's passion is quilt making. She takes classes, collects books, watches the shows on tv, and disappears into her quilting room for hours and hours to finish her masterpieces.
One year, on her birthday, I decided to make this quilt cake for her.
Instead of using fondant, I used white modeling chocolate. She doesn't prefer fondant, so I felt that I should use something else, especially since it was her birthday. So I tried the chocolate. It was kind of weird, but because of the oil in the chocolate it didn't stick to the counter when I rolled it out, and it went on pretty well. It doesn't stretch like fondant, so you really have to get your ruler out and make sure you have rolled it big enough.
And then, using a template I printed out off the internet, I traced the quilt pattern, and painted it with luster dust.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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