Friday, July 15, 2011

Cake pop tree

Ok, so obviously I could never in a zillion years take a picture this phenomenal. What I can take credit for is the object in the picture :)
This was the first time I've ever made anything like this, it's a tree stump made out of styrofoam, and hand carved and covered in fondant. Then 18 dozen cake pops and cake balls were stuck into the stump and arranged around the base of the stump to look like berries on a vine. I think it turned out beautiful!!

Psycho 4th of July!!

I made this donut cake for Psycho Donuts, for the 4th of July, and we auctioned it off on Ebay! It was so cool, I've never even seen a cake auctioned off on ebay before, and with bidding started at a penny, there was quite a little bidding war going on!
Donut cakes are made entirely out of donuts, instead of cake. If you'd like to order a donut cake, email me!!

It was so much fun, I can't wait to make another one soon!

Donut Wedding Cake

So, I've started working with this really cool donut shop called Psycho Donuts. We've been collaborating ideas on combining donuts with custom cake designs, and one day, they received an email requesting a donut wedding cake.
I think this may take off as the "next thing". It's very unique and sorta whimsical, which seems to be more the theme these days for weddings. Very custom, kinda humorous, like an inside joke, and over the top creative.

The possibilities are really endless. If you'd like to order a donut wedding cake, email me!!!!

Happy Anniversary Michelle and Tony!!

My friend Michelle has her own cupcake business, so you can only imagine how special I felt when she asked me to make her hubby a surprise anniversary cake!!
So, a little bit of explanation. Tony proposed to Michelle at the top of Half Dome in Yosemite, and he's a total star wars fan. So, I recreated the proposal with none other than kokeshi doll Star Wars characters, made out of rice krispie treats.
He was so surprised, he was speechless when I came knocking on their door with this cake.

Happy Anniversary Michelle and Tony!!!

Happy Birthday Maddie!!

This was for a very special little girl, Madison. We call her Maddie, and I've known her since before she was born. Her mom, my best friend, hates to ask me to make her kids cakes, but secretly, I've been waiting for years to be asked!! So finally she asked me to make something small for Maddie's birthday. I was so excited!!

Her party was at one of those places that kids can cook stuff and decorate their own cupcakes, so I made her this very special giant cupcake cake. Perfect for a little princess!!

Happy Birthday Maddie!!! Love you very very much !!

Jocelyn's wedding cake

This cake was a very special one for me, Jocelyn and I have been friends since we were 2 years old. We went to preschool together, and her mom was always the "class mom" in elementary school, creating handmade gifts for every kid in the class for every holiday. I really think it inspired me to be creative.
Jocie met the love of her life, and they celebrated their unity with a small intimate get together with family. Which is why the cake is so cute and petite. Otherwise I would have made my friend a big ole honkin cake.
Congrats Jocelyn and Jeff!!! here's to many many years of love and happiness !!