Sunday, February 14, 2010

Princess Lila

Lila is one of the most princess-y little girls ever. She even has perfect Belle hair, long, brown, and curly at the ends. So cute!! So of course I had to make her this pink shimmery princess castle cake. It was almost half her height too! ;)

Matt and Michelle

Matt and Michelle are friends of our family. They just had a baby shower, and there were so many people there to celebrate the (soon) arrival of their baby boy, Aiden. I made this paul frank baby bag cake for her, and it is accessorized with a punk rock rubber ducky and a toy version of their crazy boston terrier, Louie, who I could watch endlessly as he runs and dive bombs into their pool to retrieve toys, so cute!

Congrats you guys!!!!

Princess Zebra Cake for Eliana

This cake was inspired by a pair of zebra ballet slippers that my friend bought for her daughter. The slippers had huge hot pink ribbon roses on them, and I recreated them in gumpaste.
The middle tier has a tiny pink crystal at the point of the diamonds on the quilting, which made the whole thing sparkle in the sun. So cute!!
I also made 4 dozen zebra striped cupcake toppers to match. They match the background of the first picture, you can see below. :)

21st Birthday Party ~ Viva Las Vegas!!

I made this cake for a 21st birthday, she was having a vegas theme. How fun! I really loved how the boa really added that "vegas vibe" to the whole thing.

The mask was created from gumpaste and the chips are rice krispies.

Lots of fun to make!