Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ravi's cake

Ravi emailed me and wanted a cake for his mother in law and very pregnant wife, Rashmi. He also asked that I include a stork with baby Ria in its pouch.
This cake was really fun to make, since I don't always get the chance to sculpt, which is my favorite thing to do in cake making.
I went to Google images and studied sari patterns, so I could paint the designs onto the pillows.
In the picture you can't really tell, the ladies' saris are different colors, one's more teal and one's more sky blue.
They were so nice, when we got there to deliver the cake they invited us in and gave us a soda, and talked with us for a while. Great people.
Congratulations !!! I'm sure little Ria has been welcomed into the world by now, and I hope you guys are having fun, hanging in there, and getting enough sleep in order to function :)

Congratulations Eric !!

My baby brother graduated from college. I still can't believe it!! It makes me feel so old, and a hundred times more proud of him. What a rockstar! Not only did he graduate, he moved out of mom and dads house and was living independently, paying bills, feeding his stomach, for four years! I feel as though the independence was more worth celebrating than the diploma.
Eric earned his B.S. in social ecology, which, when I googled it, sounded like an environmental kind of thing. Which is why I put the earth on the cake, and the little white dove.
Congrats Eric!! So proud of you !!
now go get a job ~

Kristie's 30th B-day

Kristie is my daughter's friend's sister. She's super nice, and a great teacher. I wish she had time to come to more school functions, because she seems like a really fun person to be around.
Anyway, Kristie's mom, Leanne, who is also super nice, asked me to make a cake for Kristie's 30th birthday. (I still can't believe Leanne had a baby 30 years ago, she must have been 10 when it happened).
Kristie asked for something pink with zebra stripes, and "girly".
I love the way this cake turned out, such a modern girly cake!!