Sunday, January 12, 2014

Millenium Falcon

This cake was made for one of my bff's son. I drove this cake 2.5 hours to the party and it made it!! The cake was surprisingly easier to make than everyone thinks, I swear. I used royal icing to pipe the design onto the cake, and had some fun splattering white food paint onto the blue fondant covered board. Happy Birthday Logie Bear!!

Fancy Cake Trio

These cakes were made for a little girl who turned 1. Her mom found a cake inspiration picture online somewhere and I replicated them, with some color and size changes. The ruffles were so much easier to make than I thought! Also, it uses a TON more fondant than I anticipated. The tiny cake is covered with buttercream and only has fondant in that ribbon that goes around it, because it's her smashcake and her mom didn't want her to have too much sugar, I bet. Very sweet and elegant!

Topsy Turvy Alice in Wonderland

This cake was a blast to make, I love making these topsy turvy cakes, and what better theme than Alice in Wonderland, where everything is topsy turvy anyway? The little fondant balls on those boingy wires adds some more whimsy too, and I love working with extremely bright colors when doing one of these cakes too.

Alice in Wonderland bridal shower

This cake was made for one of my bff's bridal shower. She had an Alice tea party themed shower, and I wanted to make something totally different from the other alice cakes I've made. Something that looked less "birthday for a kid"-ish , so my husband gave me the idea of making a giant mushroom and my imagination kinda wandered after that.

Alice tea party

This cake was for an Alice in Wonderland tea party, that was at one of those fancy little places you go to sit and have tea. I really love the little door and the doorknob, it's my favorite part of this cake!

Alice in Wonderland

This cake was a lot of fun to make, especially since the mom wanted me to use lots of colors and gave me all of the creative freedom I could use. I love customers who do that!! :)

Lucas Airlines

This little guy is the son of one of my oldest friends. Not oldest, like she's old, but I've known her longer than I've known any other of my friends. It's so awesome to keep in touch with someone who has known you since you were two years old. It's even more awesome to see their mom, who remembers you in preschool and stuff. And it's equally as awesome to make a bday cake for their kid/grandkid. Love the simple graphic design of this plane cake, it's so cute!