Wednesday, May 8, 2013


If you haven't heard of Minecraft, you've probably been living under a rock for about a year and a half. Or something. If that's the case, this is what it looks like. a bunch of squares that you build a world with, and there are people, animals, these things called creepers, zombies, and different kinds of squares with gold, jewels, metal, stone, and wood, etc. that you build houses and stuff with.
My son is completely addicted to this game, in fact he is waiting impatiently for me to finish blogging so he can get back onto the computer and start up his minecraft again. :)
This cake was relatively easy to make, I think the next minecraft one (which my son already ordered for HIS birthday) will have smaller squares and different levels. With cake orders, you are kinda limited to how big the cake can be, depending on how many servings the client wants, and that's how I charge them $$, so I was limited on size for this one. But my son gets cakes for free so he is probably designing a complete town that will take me three years to build. We will have to come to some sort of a compromise with that one. :)

Gumpaste Orchids

This was another cake that the client gave me creative freedom on. "Tiffany blue and orchids, really simple and modern" is what she said. I love the look of a line of flowers down the center of a clean simple cake. So elegant. I will definitely use this design sometime again.

Minnie Mouse

This cake is the complete look of Minnie Mouse, from the fat white polka dots to the big yellow bow and the ruffle around the bottom. I love making these cakes! It sort of seems like they are all kinda different too for some reason. This one was really simple and clean, I really think it works, don't you?


This cake was made for an ultimate fan of everything broadway. The guests were dressed up like broadway performers, the décor was all broadway, there was even a red carpet leading up to the door of the party house!
I used a few little party lights to act as spotlights against the little broadway posters. It was really cool and she loved it!
Happy Birthday Tracie!

Thing one and Thing two!!

This is THE BEST theme for a twins baby shower, hands down. AND a boy girl twin baby shower at that! I love it! The things were sculpted out of rice krispie treats, I just love them!! So adorable. The party décor was so cute too, Dr Seuss has the perfect little characters and pictures for kid parties, and this was by far one of my most favorite cakes ever!! :)

Semper Fi

This cake was made for a lady's son who was going into the Marines. They were having a going away to the Marines party for him, and the cake has an American flag draped over the right side, with some dog tags with his name on them, and some Marine boots made out of rice krispie treats on top. The gun was made out of foam core and covered with black fondant.
When I delivered the cake I saw a wall of pictures in the house of her son, and she kept talking about how proud she was of him, and how she knew he was going to take on such a selfless position when he got older. It just left a lump in my throat thinking about how she must feel giving her son to our country, sacrificing that much for our freedom. I thanked her over and over, and gave her a big hug.

KTM for Jim

This cake was made for my friend Elizabeth's husband, it is a recreation of his bike and was a total surprise for him! At first I was unsure how I was going to make this cake, then I sculped the bike out of rice krispie treats and just followed the picture. It was much easier than I thought it would be.
Happy Birthday Jim!!

Sleepy Sheep

Occasionally I will get a cake order for a teeny cake, and if I am not bombarded with other cake orders that consume all of my sleeping and eating and bathroom time, I will say "yes I would love to" and this was one of those instances. This little lamb is sleeping under a patchwork quilt on a little 6 inch square pillow. The client wanted something really small to surprise her friend who was having a baby girl. I just want to hug this little sheepy!! So cute :)

Mrs. Psycho Donuts Bday Surprise

So, this cake was made entirely out of chocolate cake donuts, which were glued together in a mound with some coffee flavored buttercream, and then I decorated with some fondant and gumpaste lilies.
The owner of Psycho Donuts, who I have been working alongside to create a few cakes with, decided to throw his wonderful wife a surprise birthday party! And of course I was very excited to create this for her. He wanted me to write "Happy Birthday You Old Lady" in Chinese on the cake (he is a very funny guy) so after a bunch of googling and practice the banner was made.
She was so surprised it was a perfect party and tons of fun. And she said she still has the banner in the freezer too!! haha
Happy Birthday Meilan!! :)

Sarah's Boy Hello Kitty Baby Shower

Sarah is my sister, and she LOVES loves loves hello kitty. So, just because of her complete and utter love and devotion to hello kitty, she was a little teensy bit disappointed to find out she was having a boy. But we made sure she still had a "hello kitty" themed baby shower :)
I put the baby boy hello kitty, which was made out of rice krispie treats, in a wagon, and put him in a little blue onesie and left off the bow. I also incorporated Badtz Maru, he is a cool character and I think he looks so cute on the onesie cookes too!! Oh and I made those cake balls too, her favorite!
Congratulations Sarah and John!!! Love you guys so much! And I love my nephew too! xoxo

Boxer Baby Girl

I love the theme of this cake!! This was for a baby shower, and the dad is a boxer, so we thought it would be so cute to put some pink boxing gloves on the top, with the baby's initials on them! So adorable!! And the theme was leopard print, with pink and hot pink, so this cake matched all of their fancy décor just perfectly! I wish I had taken a pic of all of the little decorations they made, the party was so cute, just perfect for a shower! :)

Bling Bling Casino

This was one of my favorite creations. The cake is sitting on a 18" diameter board, so the finished cake was 12 by 12 on the bottom, and about 2 feet high! It was really, REALLY heavy so the client and his son had to carry it out together. awww teamwork :)
All of the piping was done with black royal icing, and the little sparkles are all crystals that I applied using a tiny little set of needle nose tweezers, but the coolest part was that I found some blinking party lights and stuck them on top, and on the front of the cake, so it was blinking and lighting up like a real slot machine!!
Oh, and the client drove this cake 4 hours away, and sent me a confirmation pic showing that it made it all the way!! Gotta love that!!

Jungle Baby

I love when clients give me total freedom of creativity. My friend Stephanie ordered this cake for her friend, and she said "blue and jungle theme. for a boy". It really reminds me of how much cake decorating is a passion for me, not just a "job", when I can go into a project without a concrete plan and just kinda "wing it". For instance, the top tier being turned so it's diagonal? that was not part of the original plan. However I thought the cake would look better with two monkeys on the bottom tier so I did that to allow room for them to fit. I love these colors!!

Willy Wonka Bat Mitvah

This was one of the heaviest cakes I have ever had to transport. I made this for one of my daughter's friends, for her Bat Mitzvah. Kayleigh is one of the sweetest and most adorable little people who my daughter came to know, and now they're not at the same school, so that's a bummer. But there's always Facebook! So her mom and I still keep in touch.
For Kayleigh's cake, I wanted to incorporate real Willy Wonka candy, so I took the kids to the candy store and we explored all of the treats in there for a good hour, and came up with a bunch of colorful little candies that I used for the decorations. You can't really tell because my photographic skills are very poor, but her name is really glittery, and really stood out above all of the decorations and candies.
Congratulations Kayleigh! :)

Back to the blog!! And may the force be with you......

Hi again, sorry I haven't posted in ages. It is so easy to snap a quick picture on my smartphone, then with a few finger taps, upload onto facebook and then forget about it. But then I realized that not everyone can see my pictures, and perhaps not all of my fb friends want to read a long story about how each cake came about, etc. etc. so I have been missing my blog.
Heres a cake I made for my bff's son's birthday. My little Logie Bear (Logan) has been growing up right before my eyes, I remember when he was just a little bean on my couch, all wrapped up in a little blankie. Now he's a little baseball star, who turned 9!! And in no time he will have grown much taller than me and stuff.
The theme of his party, obviously, was Star Wars! And I packed this cake into my trunk and drove 2 and a half hours away to the party! Thankfully, since it was a relatively flat design the cake was totally fine.
I made this cake with a 12 inch round and a 10 inch square, and after trimming the square and setting the pieces in the right places, I frosted and fondant-ed the cake. The designs were all piped using royal icing that I tinted a darker gray color. And the piping was actually really, really easy.
One other thing I would love to point out is the cake board. It is covered in a dark blue fondant, and I was excited to use a new white powdered food paint I just bought, so I went to town with a sort of splatter art kinda technique and made a few of those star thingees too. So much fun!!!
Happy Birthday Logie Bear!! Love you soooooo much !!! xoxoxoxo