Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sarah's Boy Hello Kitty Baby Shower

Sarah is my sister, and she LOVES loves loves hello kitty. So, just because of her complete and utter love and devotion to hello kitty, she was a little teensy bit disappointed to find out she was having a boy. But we made sure she still had a "hello kitty" themed baby shower :)
I put the baby boy hello kitty, which was made out of rice krispie treats, in a wagon, and put him in a little blue onesie and left off the bow. I also incorporated Badtz Maru, he is a cool character and I think he looks so cute on the onesie cookes too!! Oh and I made those cake balls too, her favorite!
Congratulations Sarah and John!!! Love you guys so much! And I love my nephew too! xoxo

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