Saturday, December 10, 2011

Butterflies for Graysen

This cake was for my friend Sandy's baby, who turned one already! It was funny, the last time I saw her, I was delivering a cake for her daughter Campbell, and she was pregnant with Graysen. This time I was delivering a cake for Graysen, and she was pregnant again! The next time I see her it will be the first time seeing her not pregnant (well maybe) she has the most beautiful children, I wouldn't blame her for wanting more!!

Happy Birthday Graysen!!

Happy Birthday Samerah!!

If you look back into my cake archives, I made a cake for Prity's baby shower, it was three pillows with some baby shoes on top. Believe it or not, this cake was for her baby's first birthday!! how time flies :)

She didn't really give me any instructions, other than she wanted flowers and she sent me the color scheme, so I decided to make the cake a light pistachio color, and have the vibrant colors of the flowers stand out against the muted background.
I also made her a little smash cake.

Happy birthday Princess Samerah!! You are so loved, precious little sweetheart!! xoxo

I just realized I never posted the picture of the baby shower cake. here it is:

Zombie cupcake

I made this cake for my daughter's class for their Halloween party. This year I am their celebrations coordinator, which is a good thing, because my talents don't go much further than cake and knitting, so if I was assigned something like field trip coordinator I think I would have a stroke. Too much rules and organization for me.
Anyway this was the first time I got to experiment with sculpting fondant and making fake blood. It was easier than i expected, I just had to make the fondant thicker so that it wouldn't rip when I was poking it and stuff. The blood was corn syrup and food coloring, which kinda dried so it was easy to transport.
The kids really liked it, so I am eager to make more cakes and try out more techniques with them.

muah hahaha hahahaha!!

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is one of my son's addictions, the other one is angry birds.
So, it was really easy for me to visualize how I wanted this cake to turn out. I love the happy flowers and the pea shooters.
such a fun cake to make ~ I wonder if I will start getting more orders for this game and less for angry birds? probably not.

Slot Machine for Dante

Yes, this picture is awesome. Of course, I didn't take it. You probably already knew that, though.
Dante is the cousin of my friend, who is Dani's mom (see below). For his birthday, I made this big slot machine. I think it looks really cool with the disco lights!!
Happy birthday Dante!!

Pinwheels for Danica :)

Danica's mom is one of my friends and an amazing cupcake baker :) check her out at
For Dani's birthday, I made her this pinwheel cake. I love disco dust! of course after I made this cake, it's now several months later and I still find disco dust all over the house, including on my kids faces, haha
I love the theme too, so original, and pinwheels are something I remember from childhood. Which kid doesn't love pinwheels, right??
Happy Birthday Dani!!

Happy Birthday Derek!!

Derek is my husband's life long best friend. He has been through thick and thin with my hubby, and they're closer than brothers. He loves to golf and is a Chargers fan (unlike my husband who is a die hard Raider fan)

Derek's lovely wife threw him a surprise birthday party for his 40th, and I made him this cake.

check out what 40 candles looks like:

Congrats Ben and Sarah!!

Ben is my hubby's cousin, and he and Sarah had a magical Disneyland themed wedding. They are SOOOO cute!! We really wanted to make the cake capture the "vintage disney" theme, with handpainted gumpaste postcards that represented the rides at Disneyland. I also snuck behind each one of their backs and had them write a little poem to each other on two of the postcards. It turned out so cute! And she cried, which made all the work sooo worth every second!
Congrats you guys! we love you xoxo

Minnie Mouse for Paola

Ever since I made that original minnie mouse cake for Eliana way back when, I have had many orders for that exact cake, which is perfectly fine, but change is good too, ya know :)

I made this cake and cupcakes for Paola, who had an amazing dessert spread for her birthday party. I mean, check out the before picture, of how the cake and cupcakes looked when I had them all packed up for delivery, and the after picture, of how they set it all up at the party. A.mazing to say the least!!!