Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Samerah!!

If you look back into my cake archives, I made a cake for Prity's baby shower, it was three pillows with some baby shoes on top. Believe it or not, this cake was for her baby's first birthday!! how time flies :)

She didn't really give me any instructions, other than she wanted flowers and she sent me the color scheme, so I decided to make the cake a light pistachio color, and have the vibrant colors of the flowers stand out against the muted background.
I also made her a little smash cake.

Happy birthday Princess Samerah!! You are so loved, precious little sweetheart!! xoxo

I just realized I never posted the picture of the baby shower cake. here it is:

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Fashion and Style said...

happy birthday same-rah :) may you live long :) nice cake on your birthday :)