Friday, July 31, 2009

~ Happy Birthday Chiara !! ~

One of the first cakes I ever posted was the stacked presents cake with teddy bears and lollipops. That cake was for Chiara's mommy's baby shower. And Chiara just turned 1 ! I can't believe it's been over a year since I made that other cake.
Chiara is Italian and Japanese, and her mommy wanted to incorporate both of her cultures into her cake. So, I found this tuscan pottery design of lemons, and painted it on one of the pillows. The other pillow has japanese cherry blossoms, and the hello kitty on the top is made of rice krispies and fondant.

~ Happy Birthday Chiara! Can't believe you're already one ! ~

~Congratulations Jesse ! ~

Ron's coworker called me up. Her son was turning 17, had just graduated from high school, AND got accepted to Stanford University on an academic scholarship! Amazing! So of course she threw a party for him, and she ordered a cake.
I made a stack of textbooks, they were almost the actual size of the books Ron and I had when we were at San Jose State.
The Stanford Logo is handpainted on a piece of fondant.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bon Voyage to the Andersson Family !!!

So, our wonderful friends, the Anderssons, decided to move back to Sweden. We first met when their son was in kindergarten with our daughter, they became great friends right away. My other friend, another mom, Sonja, decided to throw them a going away party, so I made them this cake. I looked up those words on google, and the translation is something like "Good Luck! You will be missed!"
And we miss them already. Good luck you guys!!! Come and visit soon!!

Mary Jane Cupcakes

These were a gift for a friend of ours. The plants are all made out of gumpaste, so don't get all excited. Well, I guess that if you thought they were real, I should be the one getting all excited~
I did spend a good amount of time looking at google images to get the right texture on those purple buds. :)
and, no, they're not "specialty" cupcakes, they were chocolate and red velvet flavored.

Happy Trails !!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mandy !!!

My friend Mandy is the mom of the recipients of the Foster beer cake and butterfly cake. Her birthday was a few days after the butterfly cake party, and I decided to surprise her with a gucci purse cake. I used a technique I found on the internet somewhere, on how to make fondant look like croc skin. Basically you use different circular cutters and piping tips and kind of randomly push them all over a piece of fondant you've rolled out.
Her favorite color is green, so I dusted it with green luster dust.
Oh, and her husband is the Palm Pre guru, who just bought a porsche for her, so I included a palm pre that said "happy birthday Mandy" on it, and on the other side of the purse I made a gumpaste porsche key.
She was really surprised!!!

Butterfly Cake

One of my son's friends is an avid butterfly fan. She knows all about different species, and has even raised butterflies of her own and released them to the wild! Pretty amazing.
I made a bunch of leaves, butterflies, and flowers all out of gumpaste, and she came over the day before her party and painted them with luster dust and food coloring. So cute!!

60th Birthday

One of my friends ordered a cake for her mom's 60th birthday, and she wanted a white cake with flowers that matched her hot pink and apple green theme. So cute!
This was the first time I actually made flowers out of gumpaste with little stamens and stuff. It was pretty fun, just really time consuming!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baptism Cake

So, a friend of a friend emailed me and asked for a baptism cake for her godson, Adrian. This cake used barely any paint, it was all fondant sculpting. It was pretty fun to make, and she was really nice too!

~ Happy Birthday Ron !! ~

My husband, Ron, has his birthday on the day right after my son's. It's kinda funny, we told him that his son was his 30th birthday present. And, he's a dj, so I made him these cupcakes, one with a tiny little dj turntable made out of gumpaste.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

~ Yo Gabba Gabba !!!! ~

If you haven't seen Yo Gabba Gabba yet, Go on Youtube right now and look at a video. I swear, it's the most awesome kids show ever~ and my son loves it! So he had a yo gabba gabba party, and I made him this cake. The bottom tier represents the backgrounds for each character, and the top is the boom box that dj lance carries with him. I bought some led blinking lights that went into the front of the boom box, which looked extremely cool when we turned off the lights and sang happy birthday.

~ Happy Birthday Takashi!!! Mommy luvs You !!! ~