Saturday, April 3, 2010

Littlest Pet Shop

This cake was for Cianna, who turned 6. Her cousin is my daughter's good friend. She likes littlest pet shop, so I thought that a pink kitty would be perfect on top of the cake. I think it turned out really cute ~

100 Bee Cupcakes

This order turned out so adorable. All of the bees are made out of fondant, and my assistant (my daughter) and I made them really chubby and cute. The wings are all made out of edible rice paper.

Brielle's Cake

Brielle is my son's buddy's little sister,and she had a birthday party at a pet store. At the pet store there is a momma bunny and little baby bunnies, so she asked for a cake that was a mommy bunny with babies. So cute!
I made the baby bunnies out of rice krispies and the little carrots out of fondant. This cake was a lot of fun to make :)

Boy/Girl Cake + Cupcakes

This was for two cousins, who were celebrating their birthdays together. One was a boy, who loves Batman, and the other was for a little princess. For the cupcakes, I searched everywhere for a good Batman cutter, but couldn't find one, so I sacrificed one of my duplicate cookie cutters and bent it into the batman logo shape. It is actually easier than it sounds, trust me. I did it in like ten minutes.

The cake was so fun to make. This is a great idea for twins who are boy and girl.

Von's Xbox Cake

This cake was for a boy who had perhaps the coolest party ever! His mom works with an old friend of mine from elementary school. Von loves his Xbox 360 and the game Modern Warfare, so I thought it would give a more customized look to paint the modern warfare game picture on the xbox itself. When I delivered the cake, there was a big "gamer truck" which has rollup doors on the side with tvs and gaming systems in it. So cool! There was also a guy with a taco stand that smelled so good! I thought it was a fantastic idea to have the taco stand at a party. I will have to do that someday :)

His mom also ordered some "plant" cupcakes, hee hee. No, they're not "authentic"