Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rakiya's Birthday Cake

This was the mothership of all shopping cakes! :)
I met Rakiya through a friend, she is an amazing 16 year old girl. Really mature and very sweet. The crazy thing is, I delivered this cake 2 and a half hours away, which I don't usually do. In the rain. It's nothing short of a miracle that I made it, and the cake really came together great. I used some new tehniques, like these cool little party led lights behind all the decorations to give it extra zing.
I also made all of the little details she wanted, like a diamond encrusted iphone and mac makeup and perfume bottle, out of gumpaste and cereal treats.
Happy Birthday Rakiya!!!

Kev's Movie cake

So, this cake was for an old friend of mine, who I went to Junior high school, and high school, with. She ordered this cake for her boyfriend's birthday. It's an old school movie reel, with a little director chair and all the movie stuff. All of the decorations are made out of gumpaste, and also the top part of the cake too, it dries rock hard, and I needed it to have stability so it would look like the side of a movie reel!

Brody's Bday cake

So, my most favorite type of cake order is like this: " son wants (insert the most crazy and abstract idea here) you think you can do it?"

You just gotta love kids' imagination. And their endless faith in my cake decorating skills.

So, the order I got from my friend was, "He wants a helicopter, with him jumping out, wearing camouflage army gear AND a white karate belt, riding a skateboard......he's crazy. Can u do it?"

um, YES!!! And, i can top it. The propellor is hooked up to a small motor, which I mounted to the bottom of the helicopter, and the propellor spins. Yeah, needless to say, he was stoked!!!
And my friend said that at the bowling alley, people didn't think it was a cake, so they got no compliments, until they turned the propellor on and poked candles into it. so funny!!

Harry's Camera

So, this was for Harry, who I made the turntable cake for, (August 2009). He's a phenomenal photographer ( and also my husband's good buddy.
this year, I decided to make him a giant camera cake. This cake was about a 20 inch square, ginormous, and really heavy. I modeled it after the most expensive digital camera I could find on the Canon website, as i know absolutely nothing about photography (obviously, if you have been paying attention to how much my pictures suck). Oh well. I should hire Harry to take pictures!


I can't believe i never thought about making one of these before! My friend got this cake for her dad, as kind of a funny joke for their xmas dinner. only the top part is actually made of cake, the leg is styrofoam. But it's too funny! And everyone knows immediately what it is, hilarious!!
(and italian)

Rock and Roll Barbie

I had never heard of Rock and Roll Barbie before this cake. I think that, when I was younger, this may have been the only way one would have convinced me to play with Barbies. I love this cake! and even more, I love the theme. Barbie loves to rock out! :)

Shelly's Diner

Shelly is a good friend of mine, our kids go to the same school, and we knit and drink and share many many laughs together. She's the kind of person who, after you hang out together, you're out of breath from talking and laughing so much, yet you can't wait to go hang out with again.
So, Shelly was having a bbq for some of her friends, and wanted to order a hamburger cake. This was a fun project for me, I really had to think about it though. I mean, look at it. If I had made everything out of fondant, all the sugar would hurt your teeth! So, I made all the inside elements out of white chocolate clay, which went really well with the chocolate patty cake and raspberry mousse filling.
And I stamped "Shelly's Diner" on the ketchup bottle, which was rice krispie treats!

Ambulance cake

So, a while back, there was a bbq for the San Jose Firefighter Burn fund. I think I mentioned way back somewhere that my hubby works for the burn center, and we went to the bbq, and I made a cake that had the logo and flames. i think it was June or July 2010. It's on the blog somewhere. anyway, one of the firemen who is a paramedic (apparently every fire truck has a paramedic) asked for my card, then contacted me to order a cake for their class. This Ambulance cake had flashin lights on the top, he was so excited when I gave him the cake, and he said that there was a loud "awwwwwwww" when he cut into it, too funny!!
Thank you Paramedics and Firemen (and Nurses too) for saving us when we get hurt!!!

X-Wing vs. Death Star

Before I say anything, Yes,I've seen all the star wars movies, and yes, i'm a much bigger fan of star wars than my two kids. So, you can only imagine how excited I was when my friend said, "my son wants a cake that's a x wing shooting the death star. Can you do it?" I was so excited and couldn't wait to get started.
I thought for this cake it would be cool to make it look really comic book looking, which is why I chose to use only a few different colors. It was really fun to make, i can't wait to get another crazy cake request!!

Mickey Mouse + Anna 's cakes

So, these cakes were for the same family. My friend's nephew, and her sister, had a birthday party together. As you can see, the cakes were totally different, but they were both equally as fun to make.
Mickey Mouse is actually a really popular cake order I get for 2nd birthdays. And who doesn't love Mickey mouse clubhouse? My son still loves it, for petes sake, and he's 8!
The Anna cake was so much fun to make too, I really love to string beads on pink wire, and do all the older girly stuff, like the leopard shoe. Too much fun!!

Hello Kitty Cakes !!

Here are some Hello kitty cakes I've recently made. I love how Hello Kitty can be dressed however she feels, and surrounded with many different things and colors, and still, she looks as cute as can be. I would like to say that these three little girls were very happy with their cakes, but the middle one was for my big sister, so i guess two little girls, and one big girl, were all happy with their hello kitty cakes. Yes, grownups can love Hello kitty too.

My little Pony cake

This was a really fun cake to make! My friend, who has four kids now, always gives me a theme, and then gives me all the creative freedom in the world to make her something. And every cake I've ever made for her always turns out really cute. Hmm.....
This little pony is made out of rice krispie treats, yummmm!!!

Elmo Cakes

Elmo cakes are pretty popular, especially for first birthdays. Here are a couple of cakes I made with Elmo. They always turn out differently, not really sure why.
When my daughter saw the second elmo cake, she said "elmo looks kinda traumatized" which made me laugh hysterically!
I'm getting better, and realizing that it's really hard to make something look exactly how it's supposed to look, in the cake world. i mean, look at that dinosaur on the train. I didn't model him after anyone, and he looks fine, right? Maybe I should only do imaginary creatures! j/k

Slot Machine Cake

This cake makes me want to go to Reno and play the nickel slots!!! haha
I made this for a friend's grandma, who was turning 81, and loves to gamble!
It was surprisingly pretty simple to make, and turned out really cute too~


This cake was actually 6 individual cakes, decorated to look like a giant platter of tacos. The party members were all vegetarian, so the tacos all have hand sculpted beans in them, instead of "meat", haha
It looked pretty funny, a table with picnicky type food, drinks, etc., and then a giant thing of bog ole tacos!! :)

Wine Wedding cake + Rockets jersey

My husband's coworker had her wedding and reception at the most beautiful winery, so I thought it would be cool to have a giant wine bottle cake as their wedding cake. This sucker doesn't seem like it, but it's actually almost 30 inches long! The thing weighed a TON!!!
And her husband's a houston rockets fan, so the grooms cake was a jersey with his name and favorite number on it. Pretty cool!

Egypt Birthday cake

This was a really fun cake to make, another one for a friend of a friend's son. See, it's good to have friends, because chances are, they have a friend who can make your son an awesome custom cake of race cars driving around Egypt!
This little boy loves loves loves Egypt, and race cars, so his mom and I brainstormed a design that incorporated both of his loves. And their faces just lit up when i brought the cake to the party, which is totally what makes the cake decorating thing so much fun and rewarding~

Black and White wedding + Raiders Jersey

Ok, so, I don't normally feel comfortable doing just icing and not fondant. But, she wanted icing and no fondant,and who am I to say "no" to a challenge? Especially since she was super nice too.
The cake turned out really cute, the black ribbon on the bottom of each tier really makes it look elegant.
And, the Raiders jersey was really fun to make, these are the perfect grooms cake! (also this way you can have four flavors)

Skateboard cake

So, this skateboard cake was for a friend of a friend's son, Nick. This cake was modeled after his favorite little teeny toy skateboard, which is pictured there on the cake board next to the cake. The bottom pic is of what the deck looked like before the trucks and wheels. It was really fun to make, I really hope to make another one!!
Happy Birthday Nick!!

Meghan's wedding

This was such a cool wedding spot - the Tech Museum ! We got here to deliver the cake and cupcakes/cake balls, and they sent us to the basement, where there were so many cool science displays and stuff, and we really really wanted to look around and play, but, alas, we were there to set up a cake, ya know? I guess we will have to go back really soon!!
The cake had white fondant bamboo decorations, and the flower person decorated the cake with the most awesome orchids we've ever seen. Yes, all the flowers are real!! I swear, they looked too beautiful to be real, even in person. You would never expect such beautiful colors to occur in nature, but they do!!
Congrats Meghan!!!