Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shelly's Diner

Shelly is a good friend of mine, our kids go to the same school, and we knit and drink and share many many laughs together. She's the kind of person who, after you hang out together, you're out of breath from talking and laughing so much, yet you can't wait to go hang out with again.
So, Shelly was having a bbq for some of her friends, and wanted to order a hamburger cake. This was a fun project for me, I really had to think about it though. I mean, look at it. If I had made everything out of fondant, all the sugar would hurt your teeth! So, I made all the inside elements out of white chocolate clay, which went really well with the chocolate patty cake and raspberry mousse filling.
And I stamped "Shelly's Diner" on the ketchup bottle, which was rice krispie treats!

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