Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ambulance cake

So, a while back, there was a bbq for the San Jose Firefighter Burn fund. I think I mentioned way back somewhere that my hubby works for the burn center, and we went to the bbq, and I made a cake that had the logo and flames. i think it was June or July 2010. It's on the blog somewhere. anyway, one of the firemen who is a paramedic (apparently every fire truck has a paramedic) asked for my card, then contacted me to order a cake for their class. This Ambulance cake had flashin lights on the top, he was so excited when I gave him the cake, and he said that there was a loud "awwwwwwww" when he cut into it, too funny!!
Thank you Paramedics and Firemen (and Nurses too) for saving us when we get hurt!!!

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