Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dachshund Cake

So, you can see in the earlier post that we have a weenie dog. She is the center of our daughter's existence. We think every kid should grow up with a dog, don't you?

Anyway we've had her since she was 8 weeks old and 4 pounds. Here's a picture of what she looked like then...

And here she is now!

So anyway, our daughter wanted a birthday cake that had little weenie dogs on it. This is what I made for her

The little doggies all represent ours, she spends her day sleeping, climbing on top of things and looking proud, and also eating stuff she's not supposed to eat. So silly!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Our son Loves Wubbzy sooo much that it was what he wanted on his cake. I must admit that I love to watch wow wow wubbzy too, so it was very easy to create this cake for him. I know that he loves the doodleberry bushes too, so of course Wubbzy has a bowl of them. The kids knew what they were too "can I have a doodleberry?" when I was cutting the cake. And, yes, we had the cake on the beach, which meant I had to carry the cake on my lap as my husband drove on the windy freeway all the way there, quite an adventure. Whew!

And of course, there's my sweet hubby in the background with Wubbzy! hee hee!

And since I'm posting family pics, here's one of our weenie dog Bee, after she had rooted around in the sand and dug a hole to sit in :)

Louis Vuitton Purse

This cake was made specifically to model the cake that the birthday girl was getting for her birthday. It was the first LV cake I ever made, and it was really funny walking down the street at Santana Row, carrying this cake on a big board, everyone was looking at me like I was crazy to parade a purse down the street.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Erin's Rocket cake

This was another very challenging cake. I love the way it turned out! The bride and groom had a very cool unconventional themed wedding, something very retro, like out of Flash Gordon, or Buck Rodgers. So I made this moon cake with silver rocket and blasters. So awesome!

80th Birthday

This was a very challenging cake to make. I had never made a cake before that I had to create a structure for. It took me about 5 days to complete this cake.

This cake was for a woman, who turned 80 years old. The family and friends had a spectacular party for her in this extravagant banquet hall, it was very impressive.


This cake was so much fun to make. Her mom contacted me with a specific design in mind, which made it really easy to put together. It turned out spectacular! The picture is not so clear because in my delirium I forgot my camera, so this was taken by phone.


My friend Renee is fabulous. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your entire life, and funny, smart, and super talented. At her party, she even sang for us with her amazing voice. Love you Renee!!! Happy Birthday!! Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you~

Millenium Falcon

This cake was for my sister's friend's son, who turned 4, and is a Star Wars fan. So cool!!!! I just had to make this cake for him. I really hope to make more star wars inspired cakes in the future, we are avid star wars fans!!

Hungry Caterpillar

I had so much fun making these cupcakes! Everyone remembers the story by Eric Carle about the hungry caterpillar who eats his way through all kinds of food, then has a tummy ache and makes a cocoon, and ends up a beautiful butterfly at the end. Each cupcake had a little caterpillar along with a little food item for the caterpillar to snack on. So cute!

Strawberry Shortcake

This cake was inspired by Strawberry Shortcake. It was for a little girl's first birthday. I love the way the stripes contrast with the color of the cake. It's so fun to make these girly girl type of cakes, my daughter wasn't ever a girly girl so this is lots of fun for me :)

Domo vs Spongebob

My sister's best friend and her hubby are having a baby! woo hoo

They are spongebob fans, and she also loves Domo. So this cake is baby Domo playing with the spongebob patty wagon. They were really surprised when they saw the cake too.

Congratulations Carol and Greg!!!

Coach Purse

I love the color of this purse. I mixed a few colors together, so I know it will be hard to replicate. Oh well.

This purse was for a friend of the woman who I made that other red purse for, the Prada one. I'm liking the purse cakes, they're really easy and quite different from each other too.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Littlest Pet Shop

This cake was for Cianna, who turned 6. Her cousin is my daughter's good friend. She likes littlest pet shop, so I thought that a pink kitty would be perfect on top of the cake. I think it turned out really cute ~

100 Bee Cupcakes

This order turned out so adorable. All of the bees are made out of fondant, and my assistant (my daughter) and I made them really chubby and cute. The wings are all made out of edible rice paper.

Brielle's Cake

Brielle is my son's buddy's little sister,and she had a birthday party at a pet store. At the pet store there is a momma bunny and little baby bunnies, so she asked for a cake that was a mommy bunny with babies. So cute!
I made the baby bunnies out of rice krispies and the little carrots out of fondant. This cake was a lot of fun to make :)

Boy/Girl Cake + Cupcakes

This was for two cousins, who were celebrating their birthdays together. One was a boy, who loves Batman, and the other was for a little princess. For the cupcakes, I searched everywhere for a good Batman cutter, but couldn't find one, so I sacrificed one of my duplicate cookie cutters and bent it into the batman logo shape. It is actually easier than it sounds, trust me. I did it in like ten minutes.

The cake was so fun to make. This is a great idea for twins who are boy and girl.

Von's Xbox Cake

This cake was for a boy who had perhaps the coolest party ever! His mom works with an old friend of mine from elementary school. Von loves his Xbox 360 and the game Modern Warfare, so I thought it would give a more customized look to paint the modern warfare game picture on the xbox itself. When I delivered the cake, there was a big "gamer truck" which has rollup doors on the side with tvs and gaming systems in it. So cool! There was also a guy with a taco stand that smelled so good! I thought it was a fantastic idea to have the taco stand at a party. I will have to do that someday :)

His mom also ordered some "plant" cupcakes, hee hee. No, they're not "authentic"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

So, the kids at my children's school put on a play, Alice in Wonderland. It was so amazing, I was just taken back by the incredible talent and courage that these kids displayed, with flawless performance and solo singing, I remember being in a musical in eighth grade and having a solo song to sing. That was so nerve racking, and here were first graders facing the same issue. So, when the parents called me up and asked if I would make a cake for their cast party, you better believe I jumped at the chance. I'm as proud of those kids as their own parents, partly because I have experienced the fear and courage required to put on a great performance. They rock!

So, this is the cake I made for their party.

congrats to all!

Happy Birthday Grandma Hedy!!

My hubby's grandma just had her birthday, and she loves orchids,so I made her this little cake. It was a small get together, just family, and I wanted to keep it simple, so I just decorated it with ivory buttercream and some gumpaste orchids and a gumpaste teacup with saucer that I handpainted. It was my first gumpaste orchid experience, and I must say, it was much easier than I thought.

happy birthday Grandma Hedy! We love you!! XOXO

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Princess Lila

Lila is one of the most princess-y little girls ever. She even has perfect Belle hair, long, brown, and curly at the ends. So cute!! So of course I had to make her this pink shimmery princess castle cake. It was almost half her height too! ;)

Matt and Michelle

Matt and Michelle are friends of our family. They just had a baby shower, and there were so many people there to celebrate the (soon) arrival of their baby boy, Aiden. I made this paul frank baby bag cake for her, and it is accessorized with a punk rock rubber ducky and a toy version of their crazy boston terrier, Louie, who I could watch endlessly as he runs and dive bombs into their pool to retrieve toys, so cute!

Congrats you guys!!!!

Princess Zebra Cake for Eliana

This cake was inspired by a pair of zebra ballet slippers that my friend bought for her daughter. The slippers had huge hot pink ribbon roses on them, and I recreated them in gumpaste.
The middle tier has a tiny pink crystal at the point of the diamonds on the quilting, which made the whole thing sparkle in the sun. So cute!!
I also made 4 dozen zebra striped cupcake toppers to match. They match the background of the first picture, you can see below. :)

21st Birthday Party ~ Viva Las Vegas!!

I made this cake for a 21st birthday, she was having a vegas theme. How fun! I really loved how the boa really added that "vegas vibe" to the whole thing.

The mask was created from gumpaste and the chips are rice krispies.

Lots of fun to make!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bacon Steak Guitar

Joseph is our daughter's friend's dad, and he loves to cook. I've heard that he actually prepares dinner regularly, and even makes the entire thanksgiving feast by himself. And it's good too!!
He also loves guitar, so i thought that there would be no better cake for him than a meat guitar. He was really happy when he saw it, declaring that I combined his three favorite things, steak, bacon, and guitar. hee hee!!

(on a side note, my kids decided to try some of the fondant bacon, and I wish I could have captured their expressions when they tasted it. I told them it was fondant, but for some unknown reason their brain told them to expect salty goodness)

Here it is, in all its glory, complete with bacon roses and bacon guitar picks that spell out "Happy Birthday Joseph!"

Bacon wrapped neck - yummy!!
Those glorious bacon roses and my daughter's idea - a cooking rocks sticker in the shape of an apron - pure genius!! :)

Shannon's purse

My son's teacher, Shannon, loves purple. The class had a little surprise party for her birthday and I made her this purse. She's really pretty and very fashionable, so it seemed like something she would own. Wish we had enough money to buy her a real one! She's a fantastic teacher, my son absolutely adores her.

Happy Birthday Shannon!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So, one of my husband's coworkers ordered a sushi cake for her daughter's 30th birthday. She requested "not fondant" so I went outside of my comfort zone and made a white chocolate clay to cover the cake, and later to make the sushi. It worked pretty well!
I love the color of this cake too, it makes me yearn for summer...


Gloria is a friend of the mom who I made that princess cake for, it was kinda unusual because I never actually met her, we did all our business over email. She was really nice too :)
For her 40th birthday she wanted something pink and black, and inspired by Madonna, so I came up with this cake, a zebra lacy ode to a youthful 40 year old~

The middle was a recreation of fancy black lace~

And what cake is complete without a gucci purse!!??