Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bacon Steak Guitar

Joseph is our daughter's friend's dad, and he loves to cook. I've heard that he actually prepares dinner regularly, and even makes the entire thanksgiving feast by himself. And it's good too!!
He also loves guitar, so i thought that there would be no better cake for him than a meat guitar. He was really happy when he saw it, declaring that I combined his three favorite things, steak, bacon, and guitar. hee hee!!

(on a side note, my kids decided to try some of the fondant bacon, and I wish I could have captured their expressions when they tasted it. I told them it was fondant, but for some unknown reason their brain told them to expect salty goodness)

Here it is, in all its glory, complete with bacon roses and bacon guitar picks that spell out "Happy Birthday Joseph!"

Bacon wrapped neck - yummy!!
Those glorious bacon roses and my daughter's idea - a cooking rocks sticker in the shape of an apron - pure genius!! :)

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