Monday, August 2, 2010


Our son Loves Wubbzy sooo much that it was what he wanted on his cake. I must admit that I love to watch wow wow wubbzy too, so it was very easy to create this cake for him. I know that he loves the doodleberry bushes too, so of course Wubbzy has a bowl of them. The kids knew what they were too "can I have a doodleberry?" when I was cutting the cake. And, yes, we had the cake on the beach, which meant I had to carry the cake on my lap as my husband drove on the windy freeway all the way there, quite an adventure. Whew!

And of course, there's my sweet hubby in the background with Wubbzy! hee hee!

And since I'm posting family pics, here's one of our weenie dog Bee, after she had rooted around in the sand and dug a hole to sit in :)

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