Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brody's Bday cake

So, my most favorite type of cake order is like this: " son wants (insert the most crazy and abstract idea here) you think you can do it?"

You just gotta love kids' imagination. And their endless faith in my cake decorating skills.

So, the order I got from my friend was, "He wants a helicopter, with him jumping out, wearing camouflage army gear AND a white karate belt, riding a skateboard......he's crazy. Can u do it?"

um, YES!!! And, i can top it. The propellor is hooked up to a small motor, which I mounted to the bottom of the helicopter, and the propellor spins. Yeah, needless to say, he was stoked!!!
And my friend said that at the bowling alley, people didn't think it was a cake, so they got no compliments, until they turned the propellor on and poked candles into it. so funny!!

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