Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mrs. Psycho Donuts Bday Surprise

So, this cake was made entirely out of chocolate cake donuts, which were glued together in a mound with some coffee flavored buttercream, and then I decorated with some fondant and gumpaste lilies.
The owner of Psycho Donuts, who I have been working alongside to create a few cakes with, decided to throw his wonderful wife a surprise birthday party! And of course I was very excited to create this for her. He wanted me to write "Happy Birthday You Old Lady" in Chinese on the cake (he is a very funny guy) so after a bunch of googling and practice the banner was made.
She was so surprised it was a perfect party and tons of fun. And she said she still has the banner in the freezer too!! haha
Happy Birthday Meilan!! :)

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