Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Back to the blog!! And may the force be with you......

Hi again, sorry I haven't posted in ages. It is so easy to snap a quick picture on my smartphone, then with a few finger taps, upload onto facebook and then forget about it. But then I realized that not everyone can see my pictures, and perhaps not all of my fb friends want to read a long story about how each cake came about, etc. etc. so I have been missing my blog.
Heres a cake I made for my bff's son's birthday. My little Logie Bear (Logan) has been growing up right before my eyes, I remember when he was just a little bean on my couch, all wrapped up in a little blankie. Now he's a little baseball star, who turned 9!! And in no time he will have grown much taller than me and stuff.
The theme of his party, obviously, was Star Wars! And I packed this cake into my trunk and drove 2 and a half hours away to the party! Thankfully, since it was a relatively flat design the cake was totally fine.
I made this cake with a 12 inch round and a 10 inch square, and after trimming the square and setting the pieces in the right places, I frosted and fondant-ed the cake. The designs were all piped using royal icing that I tinted a darker gray color. And the piping was actually really, really easy.
One other thing I would love to point out is the cake board. It is covered in a dark blue fondant, and I was excited to use a new white powdered food paint I just bought, so I went to town with a sort of splatter art kinda technique and made a few of those star thingees too. So much fun!!!
Happy Birthday Logie Bear!! Love you soooooo much !!! xoxoxoxo

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