Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Crazy Quilt Cake

Here's another cake I made for my mom on her birthday. I actually made it the same day as the one I made for my cousin, the blue one with the necklace. Their birthdays are 8 days apart, so we had a party for the both of them on the same day. It was good time management on our parts.
Anyway my mom was working on a crazy quilt at the time, which is a quilt with no defined pattern. It's a random fabric piecing creation, like a hodgepodge of textures and colors. Some of the pieces are embroidered, some are embellished with beads or buttons.
My daughter, K, made all of the little buttons and added all of the details on them, the little holes, and designs. She did such a great job! My little helper. :)

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