Thursday, July 24, 2008

Go Irvine Anteaters!!!

So, our baby brother is in college now. He goes to UC Irvine. Seeing him graduate from high school made me feel so old. Even older than when I had my second child. I swear, my brother will always be 15 years old in my mind. So when people ask me how old he is, I really have to think hard.
I made this cake for my brother, he loves video games. But I think this must be a few years old, because he doesn't play his playstation anymore, mostly he's on his laptop doing his gaming.
This playstation cake has an anteater on top of it, because it's UC Irvine's mascot.
I kept calling it an aardvark, and he kept patiently reminding me that it is an anteater.
We love you Eric !!!

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