Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cupcake Hat

So, I mentioned in my profile that I have oodles of yarn stashed away. I love to knit in my free time, it's so relaxing and you really get that sense of accomplishment when you look down and see the beautiful product you've made.
On a sillier note, I knit this cupcake hat for the kitty. She was not very happy to try it on, though she did stay still long enough to take a picture.

tee hee hee !!!

And, since I'm talking about the kitty now, here's her halloween picture.
The kids kept laughing because the chicken hat looks like a pair of underwear!

Oh, and here's another one, with my mom in law's puppy. They look so adorable in their pink crocheted sweaters! hee hee
And, no, they're not friends hanging out together. They were taking a rest from their many chases and fights around the house. My hubby called it "the battle of the pink sweaters". so funny!

See the yarn stash in the corner ? :)

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