Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Zoom zoom cake

So, we had a small birthday party for our son at my parents house, I think it was actually on his real birthday. We were planning to have a party at the park with friends a few days later. But he had recently started having these huge melt downs when people sang happy birthday to him, so this was a cake I made for the trial run. Of course he melted down and ran out of the room when we sang, but the cake was really good! A few days later at his actual party (pizza cake), we quickly cut the cake before anyone noticed, and skipped singing the forbidden song. It's been two years now and we still haven't sung to him, although he has stopped freaking out at other people's parties, and actually sang the song once for someone else. Baby steps, I keep telling myself.
The road is painted with powdered food color and lemon extract, and all of the little cars are hand made and many are modeled after a car belonging to someone we know, like the little flat white one on the very top of the picture is my sister's convertible and the blue one above the "h" in birthday is my friend's Prius.

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