Tuesday, June 24, 2008

~~ *Cheers !!* ~~

These are cakes that I made for my friend. She ordered one for her father in law's birthday, and one for her father's birthday. I thought that I would put them together since they seem like they would compliment each other in a bar. hee hee!

~~Tapas Cake~~

This one is all edible, from the manchego cheese in the center, to the little bowls of tapas. The bowls themselves are little cakes covered in fondant, and the tapas are made of white chocolate clay. The very bottom is a large brownie I covered in fondant and then painted to look like a big wooden board.

~~ Pacifico Beer Cake ~~

The next cake is a Pacifico beer bottle. This was one of the most difficult cakes I have ever made, because it required much planning and structural support. I had to screw a dowel to a square board for the center, and build the cake around it. The bottom part of the bottle is cake, and the top is a foam 'cone' that I shaped with a saw. I mixed a ton of cocoa powder into the fondant to make it that dark brown color, and then after covering the bottle, I rubbed shortening all over it to make it all shiny. Oh, and I cut the label out of yellow fondant and hand painted the details onto it, and stuck it on the bottle with some royal icing. Whew!

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