Friday, June 27, 2008

Bug Cake ~ where it all began

So, I always wanted to be the type of mom who made her kids' birthday cakes and halloween costumes. Well, I accomplished the first one, at least.
The first time I tried covering a cake with marshmallow fondant was so frustrating. I remember that the darn fondant kept sticking like crazy to the countertop! I would dust the counter, roll it all smooth and perfect, then go and try to pick it up and it would be totally stuck like glue to the counter. In fact, I had to roll it back up and walk away several times. But I never gave up, because I was so determined to get that cake done. That, and there was no plan B. So, finally I decided to use a TON of powdered sugar on the countertop, and dust and dust after every time I rolled, and voila, it worked like a charm!
My son, *T*, loved to lay on the ground and watch ants for hours. Sometimes he would find a tiny spider and follow it around, eventually catching it and bringing it to me (eek). So, for his third birthday, I made him a bug cake. He had a bug themed party, I bought a pack of ladybugs from the hardware store, and a bunch of plastic take out containers from a wholesale store, and the kids made their own "bug houses". It was so cute.
Anyway back to the cake. I bought this stuff called 'candy clay' that looked like playdough and had these wonderful flavors, like the green one was green apple, and the red one was cherry, etc. And I made a hundred or more bugs, ladybugs, caterpillars, bees, beetles, butterflies, dragonflies, etc. I did this over the week before the party. I even fished out little black sprinkles from my multicolored sprinkle bottle and used them for eyes.
After I finally got the fondant on, I used the leftover fondant, colored a darker green, to make grass. I rolled it out, cut a strip, fringed it with some kitchen scissors, and glued it on with water.
Then I piped a swirly vine all over the cake and added leaves, and put all of the little bugs on with a little icing for the glue. I was so proud of this cake, it turned out so cute!

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