Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy New Year 2008 !!

Ok, so it's not January. But I have all these cake pics, now that my wonderful family members have dug through their archives and found them for me. I must admit, after I work on a cake I often forget to take a picture. I know, it's lame of me! But usually I finish just in the nick of time, and am running out the door with the cake as I am shaking the cornstarch out of my hair, ha ha (no seriously I am)
So, this is one that I made for a New Years celebration that my family has at my grandma's house every year. I think this may be the first one I made for that occasion. Anyway I was inspired by my lovely sister and her man.
In case you are wondering what the heck it is, it's supposed to be rice cakes, called mochi, stacked up and a tangerine on top. The name for this is Kagami Mochi. This is something that is a traditional Japanese decoration for celebrating the new year. The two cakes symbolize the past and the future, or yin and yang, etc. See what you can learn from wikipedia??? (and this blog)

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