Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dave and Renee's cakes

Ah, Dave and Renee. These people are definitely some of the nicest ones I've ever met. They are so easygoing, and friendly. True friends for life.
I made a 50th birthday cake for Dave, who is a jazz band teacher. When I delivered the cake I was totally blown away at how many people were there to celebrate his greatness!
The bottom cake is a trombone case, and the other cakes are decorated with fondant and painted to look like wrapped presents. I purchased a miniature trombone from ebay and put it on the top by the "50". I also bought edible rice paper and printed out sheet music onto it and used it to decorate. Also, I had some edible ink pens so I cut small pieces of rice paper and asked his students to write little messages for him and we scattered them around the cake.

And, some friends had a surprise birthday party for Renee, and the theme was a 'tea party', so I decided it was fitting to make a teapot cake.
Looking back, I really should have looked at more teapots before I made this spout. Renee joked that it was phallic. (I guess it really is) hee hee!!!

Happy birthday guys!!!

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