Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First Blog !

Hello, I am a self taught cake decorator. I don't know very much about baking, but I love sculpture and since fondant is like clay, I was pretty comfortable using it. I started out making cakes for my children's birthday parties and other family functions. It has become one of my passions now, and I make cakes all the time, for friends and friends of friends, etc.

Here's one of my latest cakes.

~~Teddy Bear Cake~~

My sister had a baby shower for her friend, who's having a baby girl!

The bears and lollipops are all made out of fondant, which disappointed my kids so much! They took a bite out of the lollipops and made a very interesting expression, immediately followed by a glare in my direction. heh heh.

~~ Indiana Jones Cake ~~

This next cake is one I made for my son's buddy. He had a cool Indiana Jones party, and what party is complete without a cool Indiana Jones cake ??

The skull is made of hard crack sugar, I bought this really cool 3 dimensional mold from this place ~ http://www.mexicansugarskull.com ~
Anyway the molds are made for chocolate, but if you cool the sugar by pouring it out onto a silicone mat, and wait until the sugar no longer sticks to the mat, it should be cool enough to handle and actually pick up and stuff into the mold. Since the mold is 3 dimensional, there are two sides to "stuff". When they cooled completely, I used a lighter to melt the edges and stuck them together. It was very cool. The kids at the party kept asking if they could have it. I was like, "ummm, ask your mom"
The bottom part is supposed to look like the building where Indy goes to find the holy grail. I used a cake made in a sand castle pan and sliced off the very front of the cake, which is basically the door and two pillars, and cut a big square hole in the front of my 6 layer square cake, stuck the sliced parts in there, cemented it in with frosting, and covered the whole thing with fondant. You can't see my handy work because the skull is in the way.
Oh, and under the hat, I cut a large hole and put a little plastic cup with some water and dry ice in it, and it created some fog, which you can barely see coming out from under the hat.
Not too shabby for a six year old birthday party, eh ??

~~ Emmalene Cake ~~

And, this cake was made for my dear friend's baby shower. She had already picked the name! lucky me! the flowers are all made from gumpaste, and I made the crown and lettering out of royal icing. The crown idea was obtained from my Collette Peters cake book, my bible!!! In retrospect, I needed like three more days for the icing to completely dry. The crown and lettering were painted with luster dust.

** Pam **


Sarah Marie said...

you have tons of talents for being self taught!

Tip Junkie said...

This is amazing! I featured it on Tip Junkie. Thank you so much for the inspiration.