Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Christine's Birthday Cake

Aren't cousins wonderful? I am one of the few lucky people who had a great cousin to grow up with. We're the same age, and I think that because our moms are sisters we hung out together alot during our childhood.

My cousin is a custom jewelry designer. Hm. Maybe custom stuff is in our genes somewhere, some ancient japanese thing in our bloodline......

Anyway this is one of her amazing creations, it's called 'Haiku Necklace - Plum Blossoms and Branches' - isn't it so beautiful ??

And this is the birthday cake I made for her, with its own version of the necklace made of fondant and painted with luster dust.....

OK, now go check out her website! www.christineuemura.com

We love you Christine!!!! You're the best!!!


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