Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rob's cake

So, my hubby is a nurse in the burn unit, and once or twice a year, he gets a patient who he grows attached to, and really takes a big place in his heart. One of them is Jacob. You can read all about him and his family here :
Jake's brother, Rob, just turned 20, and his mom ordered a cake from me. It was really fun to do, because it was a very personalized cake. I made little gumpaste figures of the three brothers, doing what they love to do most, one was reading, one was holding a bike helmet and sitting with his feet on his bike, and Rob was playing his guitar, with his djembe drum nearby. All of them were sitting atop a trampoline.
I'm so happy I got the chance to make this cake for the family. It was so nice to meet all of them. They are so positive, despite all the trauma they've gone through. I swear, they're the strongest family in the universe! Now go check out their blog.

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