Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mikey !!!

So, one of Ron's friends, Mikey, was having a birthday party, and I had asked Ron for a few days if he wanted me to make a cake. He knew I had other cakes to make, and with school starting I was doing all I could to keep from pulling my hair out from stress, so he didn't really say yes right away, until Saturday morning, the day of the party, I convinced him that I could whip something up for the party if he wanted. So of course he said "ok".
I must say, making a cake in one day is a tremendous challenge.
But, here it is. I made a record case (Mikey is a dj / owner of Oaklyn Records), which, again I modeled after one that Ron had. This was also my first attempt to paint (and spell) camouflage.
The two bridge cutout is made of gumpaste, which is the company logo, and it is leaning against the platinum records. The lid of the case is made of rice krispie treats, and the hinges and handle are all made out of gumpaste.

Happy Birthday Mikey!!!

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