Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grignon gang beer party

Andy made his own hefeweizen, and the official unveiling was at the special Grignon bbq on labor day. It was also a potluck, so I brought some dessert. I had casually asked if they had made a label for their beer, and Mandy sent me a copy of the label they created, which I used to make a "label" for the cake.
They were surprised, even though I think they were sort of expecting me to bring dessert in some form of a cake. They're onto me now, I better send them over a casserole to throw them off so I can keep surprising them in the future. :)
Great food, and great beer too! It was the first one I drank since I was 15. After that it was nothing but fancy drinks for me. Yep, I'm a foofy screwdriver drinker now! ha ha

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