Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy 10th Tahnee!!

My wonderful niece turned 10, which made me feel so old. I don't know why, my daughter is the same exact age, but when my niece gets older I feel older. Hm.
Anyway, this year she wanted a Paris themed cake. She's the one who ordered the monkey cake a long time ago, which caught me off guard. So Paris, not too unusual.
She has always loved shoes, so I knew that a shoe box would be perfect for her. We were having a small family get together, so I couldn't go too crazy with size, anyway. But I also wanted to make her a cute handbag.
I made the shoe out of gumpaste, and on the box, I attemted to paint leopard spots for the first time. It's way harder than it looks!
Anyway she loved the cake, and I was really happy. Anything for my favorite niece!!
Love you T!! ~ XOXO

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