Saturday, September 12, 2009

Harry Whoo's 50th

One of my husband's friends, Harry Whoo, turned 50. He's a very popular guy, a dj and an awesome photographer. A bunch of friends threw him a party in honor of his b-day at a park, with a hawaiian theme, who-aii 50, instead of hawaii 50, I thought it was really clever~
And although neither one of us could make it, I sent this cake with a friend to help celebrate.
This was the first "moving" cake I ever made, it took quite a bit of pre-planning, which is usually not my cup of tea. But, after a trip to Target and some brainstorming, I glued the cake board to the bottom of one of those spice turny thingees that i dismantled, and figured out how to create it.
This cake was huge, with enough for at least 150 to 200 people. It was two sheet cakes side by side, with a 14 inch round cake in the center. I cut out a hole in the center of the sheet cake rectangle first, then iced and covered it with fondant. Then I created the circular cake separately, and beveled the edge, iced and fondanted it. Then I drank a cup of coffee and stared at the two cakes for a while as I figured out how to macguyver the round one into the hole, finally settling on using loops of tooth floss to lower it down slowly. Hey, I never claimed to be a "good" structural planner. Besides, it worked!
The record, tone arm, and other buttons are all made out of gumpaste. Lucky for me, my husband is a dj, so I had a real turntable to use as a model. My hubby even signed the record too.
I heard that the cake was devoured, and that Harry enjoyed it :)

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