Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Auntie Lisa's Birthday cake

My sister in law had her birthday last Sunday. She is such a kind soul, who just happens to find stray dogs and take them in. I declared their house "hotel for dogs" a while back.
And, our doggie just loves her. So, I made her a cake that looked like our mini weenie, Bee.
Bee's wearing a hat that says 'I heart Auntie Lisa'. This cake was coconut, Lisa's favorite. I used coconut milk in the cake batter, and added shredded coconut to both the batter and the buttercream. Then I added crushed pineapple to the filling, which really tasted great!! I think I'll have to use this combo again.
Happy Bday Lisa!!! Love you !!

and here's a picture of Bee:

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