Sunday, May 15, 2011

~ Sonja's 50th Birthday ~

My friend Sonja always hosts these elaborate parties, where she feeds us this delicious food and serves us these fancy cocktails, one after another, after another. I Love her parties!!!

(not to mention she is the most amazing quilter I've ever known, she slaved every year since I can remember, to make these beautiful quilts for our kids' teachers. I'm not just talking simple pieced together quilts. Im talkin museum worthy masterpieces. I can imagine the teachers putting their priceless gifts into acid free paper lined boxes, and stored away in some heirloom trunk. They are that amazing!!

Anyway, my wonderful friend just turned 50, and for her birthday I thought it only appropriate to make her a cake in the form of a giant Grey Goose vodka bottle, to thank her for the many drinks and laughs shared over drinks I've experienced with her. (the quilt thing didn't really seem to fit into the raging party theme)

Happy Birthday Sonja!! Here's to many more drinks we will have together!!

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