Sunday, May 15, 2011

Olivia cake for Emerson

Besides dachshunds, my most favorite animal in the entire world is a pig. And it's probably not a healthy love I have. I mean, if there's a pig character in a storybook somewhere I know what it is, probably bought the book for my kids and insist on reading it over and over. all the time. I collect pig statues, pig stationary, pig kitchen utensils, well, you get the picture. The craziest thing is, my husband also has this love for pigs, which he had for years before I even met him. His friends even call him "pig" and his dj name is "notorious pig". Isn't that crazy coincidence? Maybe fate? hmm...
Anyway enough about me. The point of the story was to tell you that I love Olivia the pig. She's a storybook character, and she's a little diva. She has several wardrobe changes throughout the day, all different varieties of princess attire, of course.
So when my friend Karynn asked me to make an Olivia cake for her daughter Emerson, I was so thrilled!! And it made the process of making this cake so much fun. I really hope to get another Olivia cake order again.

Happy Birthday Emerson!!!

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