Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kokeshi Star Wars

My friend Michelle is a cupcake girl. That is, she has her own cupcake business.(

So, when she asked me to make her husband a surprise cake for their anniversary, I was so excited, AND knew that I had to make it totally awesome and over the top!!

Her husband Tony asked her to marry him on the top of Half dome in Yosemite, so cute!! and he is also a star wars fan, so we came up with the idea of recreating the proposal on half dome, in Star Wars form, hehe

So, Michelle is asian Princess Leia and Tony is asian Han Solo, and they have their trusty droids there to guide them into eternal happiness and Yoda to give them vague but wise advice.

When I delivered the cake, Tony was so surprised he was speechless, it was so funny. Their little princesses were all excited to eat their "parents", which were made out of rice krispie treats, too cute!

Happy anniversary Michelle and Tony!! (now go check out her website!!!)

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