Sunday, May 15, 2011

Italy Futbol cake for Brayden

Here is another cake for another one of my childhood friend's children. Beginning to see a theme here? Yes, we are all getting older, and as the years go by, more of my friends from ages ago are getting married and having kids. The only difference is, I was married and pregnant when I was 21, so my kids are much older. It's nice to see my friends starting out on the long road of parenting, and it makes me smile to think about all the wonderful memories and learning experiences they will have for many, many years to come.
So, this is for my friend Jenny, whose son Brayden turned 1. She and her hubby are fans of the Italian futbol team, so she asked me to make this cake for Brayden's party. It was so cute too, where they had the cake, they also hung the teeniest little Italian futbol jersey next to it, and the jersey and the cake were almost the same size, too precious!!

by the way, aren't you impressed that I'm calling it futbol and not soccer??? Yes, my own hubby is a big futbol fan, so I'm familiar with the proper titles. (his team is Manchester United)

Happy Birthday Brayden!!

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