Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pascal cake for Hanna

This cake was made for a friend of my younger brother. It's Pascal! The adorable little chameleon from the movie, Tangled. on a side note, don't you just love Disney movies these days? The movies they make have more adult humor, and the way the women are independent and don't have that "I can't live without a man" attitude holding them back from their dreams, like that ole floozy Snow White, you know what I mean? I cringed every time my daughter watched that movie, hoping she would not grow up to be that dependent and weak. (she's not, by the way) But now, I get excited when a new movie comes out, knowing that I might actually enjoy it way more than my kids. I actually fear the day my kids are too old to see Disney movies. Go ahead, make fun of me.
My brother asked me to make this cake for his friend's girlfriend, Hanna. She loves the movie Tangled, and also loves Lulu Lemon, so I incorporated the logo too.

Happy Birthday Hanna!!

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