Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ice Skating Cake

So, at my kids' school every year, there is this huge amazing fundraiser called the Halloween Carnival. Parents work their butts off, some for a whole year, most for like a week or two, to put on this carnival. There's a haunted forest, which is made of 2x4s and plywood so it's like a real maze, there's carnival games and little tickets the kids win and prizes, food, and a silent auction that spreads through three classrooms without any space to spare. It's so much fun for the kids and parents.
This year I put a gift certificate in the auction for a custom cake, and another parent at our school, Bill, won the certificate. A few parents came up to me afterward, saying they had bid on the cake too, and were disappointed to lose. That made me feel special. :)
Anyway Bill wanted to get a cake for his daughter's eighth birthday, and he also wanted to take part in creating the cake. So we brainstormed ideas for making an ice skate on the top of the cake. He actually carved and sanded an ice skate blade out of wood, and came over that morning and made the skate out of rice krispies and fondant. It turned out so awesome, and I painted it with "super pearl" luster dust and gave it the wood color for the sole.
Also, for the top of the cake I pinched the top edge of the fondant all the way around, and filled it with some light blue piping gel that was much easier to make than I thought.

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