Monday, March 2, 2009

~ Wine Party !! ~

My friend Margaret and I met at our daughters' preschool. It was one of those schools where parents work in the class and help to "raise" their own and other people's kids in the same environment. It's an awesome concept, this way you ensure that your kid is safe, and making friends in a controlled environment, yet it's not stuffy or stuck up, and everyone has a ton of fun.
Every year Margaret throws a wine and chocolate party, and this year she asked for a wine cake.
The cake was made almost identically to "Makoto's Cake", only I used toasted coconut for the "stuffing" instead of shaved chocolate. It smelled so good!
I wish I had been able to hang out at the party; however, we just bought a house and I was knee deep in primer and paint shavings. Yee-haw!

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christine uemura said...

soooo smart to use toasted coconut! i bet it was so much easier than shaving all of that white chocolate, too!