Saturday, February 7, 2009


So, I accomplished two things this week. One, I learned all about Pokemon characters and pokeballs, how some birdlike pokemon don't fly, and also how some do even though they are part penguin. Also some pokemon don't really do much, especially before they "evolve" into different pokemon. It's so complex, I can't believe my daughter knows so much about all these things, and is able to remember every little detail, yet she can't recite her multiplication tables without sounding like she's guessing "6 times 7 is...uhhhh....forty....two?" I tell her that even if she's guessing at least sound like you know it, right? It's good practice for when she has to wing it in college later. :)
My son has a friend in kindergarten, who's little brother had a birthday party today, and his mom asked me to make a pokemon cake for him. It was actually more like a family project than anything, my husband had a lot of input on which pokemons were good for the cake, and my daughter stood over me and made sure the little pokemon action figures I made for the cake from rice krispies and fondant were accurate "no mom, pikachu's mouth is red inside, not black". Needless to say, I was almost an hour late in delivering the cake but all of the pokemons were as accurate as could be!!
My favorite pokemons were the bat who looks like he's yelling at someone, and the blue radish guy, he's so cool.

~ Happy Birthday Andres !! ~

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