Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gucci Purse for Gayla

So, my friend Gayla came back to visit from Colorado to have a birthday dinner at Blowfish in Santana Row. It was really fun, and if I had not been battling a vicious sinus thing I would probably have been able to hear much better over the loud music.
So I made her this cake, a Gucci purse, that has little "G's" all over it, I thought it was cute, since her name starts with a G. I added a tiny chihuahua, that's guarding her purse, after she told me a story about how her little chihuahua that weighs 5 pounds, viciously chases her alpaca and llamas around. heh heh, ya, don't underestimate small life forms!
And of course, a jonquil, March's birth flower (I looked it up).
The purse was pretty easy to do, although because it was a carved cake I had to keep refridgerating it to harden the buttercream so it would stay up straight.

Happy Birthday Gayla !!!

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