Monday, January 26, 2009

Flipping Dolphins ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, my kids go to this wonderful school where the sun shines every day and everyone greets you with a smile. OK, so maybe the sun doesn't shine every day, but it really feels like it. You walk into the tiny little bubble we call campus and you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Seriously, it's like a perfect little bubble that you don't ever want to leave. My son loves his teacher "Miss Elizabeth" (he calls her Miss Alivabef) so much, he cries on Saturday mornings because there's no school. I couldn't imagine a more perfect place for our children to thrive and be educated by such nurturing teachers and parents. You feel so secure and content to be there in kindergarten, first, second and third grade, and then by fourth grade you start getting a little knot in your stomach, knowing that in a couple of years you'll have to leave the little bubble for the cold cruel world known as "middle school". It's a scary thought. Am I the only one freaking out here?
Anyway, so you get the point, our school is awesome, yah.
Every classroom gets to give themselves a name, and my son's class is the "Flipping Dolphins". What a cool name !!
So tonight we had a parent meeting/surprise baby shower for our two preggo mommies in the class. And I made this "flippin dolphins" cake to celebrate.
Congratulations Connie and Shannon !!!!

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