Saturday, November 21, 2009

Briana's Sweet 16

My dear friends, Steve and Launa, had a party for their daughter's 16th birthday. And they ordered a cake to celebrate. Surprisingly, and thankfully, she didn't have a very picky or difficult theme, so this was one of the most fun times I had with my daughter, sitting at the table, cutting out a zillion little dots out of fondant. She's become quite a good fondant cutter now.
Briana wanted the cake to have some bright colors, and I wanted it to be fun, yet not childish, so we went with a paisley pattern. I really think it turned out fabulous, if I may say so myself.

Happy Birthday Briana!!!

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Erin Cashier said...

Hello Pam!

I work with your hubby -- I was hoping I'd find your email address on this site. I know you've made cakes for other people at our work, and i wanted to ask you about a custom cake for myself.

My email address is , if you have a chance to drop me a line. Otherwise, I'll get info from him next time we have an overlapping shift.