Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wedding Cake

One of my friends' cousins emailed me and asked if I would make their aunt a wedding cake. She sent me a picture of what she wanted it to look like.
So I made this cake. She asked for enough cake to feed 200 people, and it turned out that there were less than 100 there, so I guess they had a ton of cake to bring home or give away to their guests. Pretty cool! Not something that usually happens at weddings.
The cake was red velvet with strawberry buttercream, and vanilla with strawberry buttercream. I covered the tiers with a thick layer of fondant because the wedding was outdoors, and piped designs with royal icing. The problem was, the picture she sent me had a cake with silver dragees, those little chrome looking balls, on it. Well, you can't buy them in California, and you can't even buy them on ebay and have them shipped to Cali either, there's an ongoing federal case against silver dragees, something about the silver being toxic and that sale of silver dragees should be taxed because they don't hold any nutritional value so they aren't technically a food product. Whew! So after all that, I bought pearl dragees and painted them with silver luster dust. My husband said they looked silver enough. So that's what you see on the cake.

This was technically my first wedding cake, so buying flowers was a daunting task. They are really expensive! I couldn't believe how much they cost. And the orchids I got from Citti's were all banged up, I don't think I'd ever go there again.
While I was setting up the cake, the ceremony began on the other side of the tent. There was beautiful mariachi music continuously playing in the background, and roosters crowing. See the coop in the background? There were a dozen chickens in there, and even a brown duck! The roosters, there were maybe five or six, kept crowing, and roosters at the coop next door were crowing, it was so funny.

Here's how I stacked the cakes for delivery

Uno, dos and tres

Quatro and cinqo- this one was soooo heavy!!!

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