Monday, April 27, 2009

Soccer Cake and cupcakes

So, a friend of a friend, Mia, asked me to make a soccer cake and a bunch of cupcakes to transport for her son's first birthday party. I enjoyed making this one, it was so fun to use my grass tip. I had purchased it a while ago for another cake, but ran out of time to use it, so it's been sitting for a while.
I made four dozen cupcakes, with soccer balls, jerseys, and little soccer cleats all sitting on grass. The cake was made from a star shaped pan and a soccer ball pan, and it was covered with fondant and decorated with paint, gumpaste letters, and grass frosting. So cute!

Happy birthday Matias!!

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Mia said...

Pam, it was a hit!!! I LOVED IT & so did everyone else. The taste was amazing...I highly recommend the lemon cake with lemon curd filling.

I found it very difficult to cut into the beauty.

THANKS AGAIN for making his 1st birthday that much more special!!!