Thursday, December 4, 2008

Three Thanksgivings !!!

This year we had the privilege of celebrating Thanksgiving three times!!! We sure have lots to be thankful for, especially when our enormous family of many ethnicities and religions come together and eat good food!!
So, the first thanksgivings' feast was at Grandma Mary's house, my husband's granny on his mom's side. We had a delicious ham feast with all the fixin's. I made this cute little cake for the small 8 person gathering.
It's two baby turkeys on a birch log. I stacked up some six inch rounds and fondanted them. It looks much bigger than it actually turned out. It was pretty small, about the size of a coffee can.

Then, on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, we had another feast at my mom and dad's house. This time my sister and brother in law brined this turkey and cooked it, it was soooooo juicy and delicious. And my mom made her sausage stuffing, and I made some cheesy buttery Paula Deen green beans, they were so good!!
Oh, and I also made this cake, another weeping Cherry tree.

I found this famous painting on Google. My mom really liked it, she told me that my dad bought it at an art museum the first time our family took a trip to Japan. And, that's bamboo behind the picture. I painted it all around the cake. Also, my assistant helped me greatly by cutting out each of the gazillion little teeny pink blossoms out of fondant with a teeny little cutter. Aren't they pretty?? I also added some Japanese characters to the other sides, one for "family", one for "health" and one for "happiness" which is what I felt especially thankful for on this second day of Thanksgiving feasting.
More to come......

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